The Biosphere and the Human Sphere

“If the oxygen level were to rise even one percent, the likelihood of forest fires would increase by 70 percent (Lovelock 2000, 65).”   (Robertson 2014, p. 28)

This is an amazing stat to me. To think that if oxygen levels were to rise by one percent that forest fires would increase by seventy percent is very scary. I think about how that would change so many people’s lives if the world took on that many more forest fires. So many people would lose their homes and their cars and be forced to completely start over. Those are just the material items that could be replaced over time, as well. The worst part would be the people who lose their lives or their animals to these fires. Lives cannot be replaced once they are gone. We see it already in places like California. When it gets really dry out there and the fires start they spread so fast and do a lot of destruction before they are put out. This would also affect the environment.

“If cities double in size by spreading out over agricultural land, the impact on food production will be significant.” (Robertson, 2014, p. 44)

Everywhere I go I am always seeing new building sites go up on what seems to be every open piece of land. Near where I live in Orlando I am seeing the few farms that grow food and the few sod farms we have left being bought out and turned into the next development of homes. Developers are making very generous offers to the farmers for their land and it seems most of the time the farmers end up selling it. It seems that if this keeps happening it could turn out bad for the human population in the future.

city as urban reef

My Ecological Footprint

My ecological footprint results surprised me. I know I do not live as a minimalist, but I did not think I was living a life that required 3.4 earths to support it. One way that I could reduce my footprint would be to ride my bike to places that are not too far away. My gym is about 3 miles from my house, so I could start riding my bike there. That would help to slightly decrease my footprint and it would also be an additional work out. I believe population size is something I do not have much control over. I can control the size of my family when I decide to start having children, but I cannot control the size of everyone else’s family. I believe if everyone can reduce their footprint a little bit it will greatly help the future.


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